"All our staff is volunteer. 100% of your donations goes to missionaries"

Donate your car in Minneapolis to help local missionaries.

You can help spread the word of God while accessing a tax deduction. Donate your used vehicle to a great cause!

Cars 4 U

Our Purpose

We help missionaries reach their destination by providing reliable transportation.


Find the answers to all your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Reserve A Vehicle

Are you a minister on furlough? Do you need a vehicle to visit your family and friends? Reserve a vehicle today!

Repairs & Inspection

If you have rented a vehicle from Cars 4 U and need repairs or inspections please contact us at:

Jason Tel: 1.612.868.2546
Henry Tel: 1.763.789.9006
Tim Tel: 1.303.9138700

Emergency Road Service

Please call 1.877.597.3393


Cars 4 U pays for insurance for all vehicles.

Cars 4 U is a unique company assisting missionaries around the world with the help of donated vehicles. Our donors are helping missionaries offer even greater assistance with access to reliable vehicles. 

Fast, Free Pickup

Contact our toll-free number to donate your car in Minneapolis. We can pick up your vehicle in 24 hours.

Save Money On Taxes

We will issue you a receipt for tax purposes

Spread The Word

Every donation submitted to our company helps missionaries around the world to continue to share the gospel and deliver care around the world.

Donate Your Car Today And Make A Difference!

Get a tax deduction for the fair market value of your vehicle by donating your car to Cars 4 U. 

A tax deduction could bring more for your vehicle than a trade-in. Donate your car in Minneapolis and it could make sense in the long run and you will be providing an excellent service.  We provide many vehicles to missionaries during their time in the United States.

Here Is How It Works


Fill in the online form and we can contact you shortly to arrange your vehicle pickup.


We can call to arrange a pickup time that works best with your schedule.


Donate your boat or land to Cars 4 U!

100% Tax Deductible – Fast Free Pickup – We Handle Everything – Easy Online Form. Help Fight Breast Cancer. Max.Tax Deduction. Old Or New Cars. Types: Land, Cars, Trucks, BoatsRVs, Motorcycles.


Why Donate Your Vehicle To Cars 4 U?

We help missionaries reach their destination by providing reliable transportation

You can help us make a difference in the lives of missionaries who are committed to spreading the word of God.


It is our goal to repurpose donated vehicles in Minneapolis and provide them as reliable transportation for missionaries on furlough.


We believe that this is a highly beneficial system for donors who can receive an excellent value for their vehicle and for missionaries to be able to access reliable transportation.


It's our goal to have a reliable fleet of donated vehicles so that missionaries in this area can work more effectively.

Are You a Missionary In Need
Of A Vehicle?

If you are a Missionary on furlough and need a vehicle to move around, please contact us and we will gladly help you!

Testimonials from missionaries in Uganda

Cars 4 U can help!

We have served as missionaries in Kenya for the past 14 years and we don’t own a car or a home. When we return to Minnesota on home assignment it’s always a challenge to find a reliable (and inexpensive) source of transportation. Borrowing a car from friends or family has worked out at times, but it can be awkward and inconvenient for those who are trying to help out, not to mention sorting out the insurance issues.

Thanks to the ministry of Cars 4 U all of these hassles are taken care of before you get home.   You can step off the plane and have a good set of wheels to rent at a very reasonable cost. No need to search for a used car! No need to sell it before heading back to your country of ministry!

We first rented a vehicle from Cars 4 U in the summer of 2018, and we had a great experience. We’re looking forward to renting from them again the next time we’re on home assignment. Just contact Mike Haase (612-203-5413) or Jason Bretz (612-868-2546) several months ahead of time to inquire about the availability of a car or van. Or send an email to jason.cars4u@gmail.com.    

For those of us working to advance the cause of Christ in other parts of the world, Cars 4 U is a wonderful blessing.

With lots of appreciation!

Craig, Tracy, Nathan, and Aaron Sorley

Our Company

When you donate your car in Minneapolis you can help Christian missionaries across the country by providing them with a reliable donated vehicle.

Missionaries across this country regularly have to rely on taking public transit or even renting a vehicle to complete their goals during furlough or while doing charity work. With Cars 4 U, your donated vehicles in Minneapolis offer a safe, reliable and insured form of transportation that they can enjoy through the duration of their furlough. When you donate your vehicle in Minneapolis we have a group of certified auto mechanics that keep our fleet ready for the road. We generously pay our donors for their vehicles and for donated spare parts that keep our fleets running.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We take the market value of your vehicle based off of its current bluebook assessment. We provide tax credits for the best value on your donated vehicle.

We can arrange a time that works best for you to come pick up your donated vehicle.

We can take vehicles in many different conditions. Contact us today to find out if your vehicle would be a good candidate for donation even if it’s not running.

If you are a member of a Christian organization and in need of transportation in Minneapolis, contact us today. We want to make sure that if you are a missionary in need of a vehicle, that we can offer reliable transportation for your needs.

Still have questions?

Contact us today and our customer service professionals can help provide the answers you need.

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